About this Blog

The world is full of an incredible number of highly conscious, wise and heart- centered human beings wanting to offer their service to others.

Everyday I meet people who are committed to personal growth, and have done years of their own work like meditation, personal mentors or retreats. By going deep into their own practices, they intrinsically and intuitively understand how to guide others in an openhearted and courageous way.

After years of study and practice, a burning desire to impact the world takes root in the heart and soul!  And that calling just won’t go away.

If this feel like you read on…


  • How do you articulate & convey authentic beliefs around yo
  • And how to do this in such in a way that doesn’t shut down your inspiration, compromise your health or alienate your friends and family?
  • How do you create marketing and communication that is fully in integrity, completely in alignment with the heart and with spirit?

There is a way to step into this new phase of your journey and connect heart to heart with more people while staying true to your deepest integrity.

In the last few years, I have made thousands of friends around the world who want to leave a more significant legacy of their work.

This blog is for all of my beautiful friends (and everyone) who want to create a rich life of service, a conscious business that fulfills real human needs, and will answer questions on how to have a fulfilling business along with a peaceful inner world and flourishing relationships.