About Firuzan

In 2013, I was up for promotion to Sr. Vice President. For years I had been vice-president mfm-e1504885682181.jpegof business and marketing for a multi-platform digital agency, my portfolio included over 40 clients in the FMCG space (fast moving consumer good).

In the eight years, I had been with this company we had resurrected it from bankruptcy, made it one of the strongest digital agencies in the business with an enviable client list and we were highly profitable. I had always loved my work, it consumed every aspect of my life and my being.

However, something had been missing for a long time. Purpose. Service.

You see, ever since I was a little girl somewhere in my soul, I knew there was a bigger purpose to my life. Bigger than running multi-million-dollar campaigns for brands or being on the cutting edge of break-through technology or generating millions of dollars in revenue.

There was another higher purpose.

I was looking for answers, seeking to find myself and my purpose “Why am I here? Was I providing services that create shallow wants or was my work filling real human needs and solving world problems?

How was I being better for the world, not just the best in the world?

What’s the legacy I was leaving? Was productivity and profitability going to be the definition of my existence?”

It was time for an act of will. I resigned from my position.

For the first time in a long time I had pushed the Pause button on my life. In 2013, I had already been working for 13 years. Life had been fast-paced, exciting and a celebration of my unique abilities and talents. From working for the top educational institutions in the country to television networks, from print to digital media I had done it all.

I was ready to create a life full of meaning, grace, and connection.

I was ready to explore and seek out my purpose and my service.


This started me on an incredible journey of awakening my consciousness, nourishing my spirit and opening myself to wisdom based living.

Today, my life is about service I still work in marketing bringing my experience and expertise to develop services and products that fundamentally transform and enhance the quality of people’s lives.

This blog is an expression of my life and a natural extension of my service. I was inspired to offer a platform, tools and services that can facilitate the growth of spiritual entrepreneurs, wisdom based businesses, holistic practitioners and those who have or want to start a business based on wisdom and spirituality.